The Indigenous Inter-Band Games will begin in
JULY 3-12, 2017
MARCH 31, 2017
MAY 26, 2017
Games Shedule

Communities’ arrival will take place on Sunday, July 2, 2017 in Wemotaci. To learn more, refer to the complete games schedule.


I am extremely proud to be back this year as the Honorary President of the Indigenous Inter-Band Games. I would particularly like to thank my Atikamekw friends from Wemotaci for welcoming us to their territory and contributing to the development of indigenous pride and the shaping of our peoples.

On several occasions during my journey with Innu Meshkenu, I had to overcome obstacles and I had to show great determination to reach my final goal. I am convinced that the young athletes who will perform before your eyes during these games also have experienced difficult times and have sometimes thought of giving up. But if they have come to this point in their lives, it is because they have been able to believe in themselves and persevere to the end.

The promotion of healthy lifestyles is a cause that is very dear to me. But I believe that those who push this notion even further and who are deeply committed to their sport, demonstrate an inner strength, that beyond the satisfaction of winning medals, will serve them throughout their lives to gain access to their dreams. Good luck to all of these emerging Aboriginal athletes who are the pride of us all.

Dr Stanley Vollant, Innu Meshkenu


It is a real honour for me to be co-chair of the 2017 Indigenous Inter-Band Games in Wemotaci, alongside Dr. Stanley Vollant. I am delighted to be with you at this unique event. Back in 2015 I had the privilege to spend a short time at the Mashteuiatsh Games and I was overwhelmed by the athletes’ and the coaches’ energy. I am sure that the young people who will be taking part in this new edition will once again impress me.

Like them, I have already experienced the challenges of competition and performance. I know the determination and the courage that this implies. But I also know the pleasure that effort procures. I wish to encourage them to persevere proudly in their journey, for it is an experience that will sustain them along the path of life and its inevitable obstacles.

Sylvie Bernier, :
Healthy Lifestyle Habits Ambassador for Québec en Forme
Olympic Medalist of the Los Angeles Olympic games of 1984


Wemotaci will be hosting the upcoming Indigenous Inter-Band Games, and as such I am the spokesperson for the Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci. First of all, I’d like to express that it is an honour for us to be organizing these games and we invite you to join us and see how proud the Atikamekw people of Wemotaci are to welcome you in our community this summer.

To ensure the success of this great enterprise, we have created a team led by Mrs. Gaétane Petiquay and Mrs. Wynoma Petiquay. We invite you to contact them if you’d like more information.

The games are primarily a sporting event for Aboriginal youth, but the cultural aspect will not be neglected. Cultural activities will be an important part of this event in order to promote exchanges between Nations and entertainment, both traditional and contemporary. We invite you to come and discover the community of Wemotaci. It will be a pleasure to welcome and meet you. Mikwetc!

François Néashit, Chef


Located at 115 km from La Tuque, connected by a forest road, Wemotaci is in the heart of the forest, located on the outskirts of Tapiskwan Sipi (St-Maurice River).

Wemotaci has a population of 1889 members, of which 1440 are residents. It is a great challenge to host a number of people equivalent to that of its population for the 2017 Indigenous Inter-Band Games. 69% of its people are under 35 years old. Proud of its youth, Wemotaci is using all its resources to hold these Games by involving its partners and all sectors of services and activities.

The terrace (former location of the village) of Wemotaci was frequented long before the creation of the “indian reserves” in 1850. The meeting of three rivers including Tiripan sipi (Ruban River), Manawan sipi (Manouane River) and Tapiskwan sipi (St-Maurice River) already made it an ideal site for the gathering of the Atikamekw Nation. As for our ancestors in the past, Wemotaci remains a gathering place. It is at this ancestral site that the traditional Pow wow is held every year, the 20th edition of which took place in September 2016.

True to its tradition, Wemotaci takes up the challenge of being the gathering place to host the 2017 Indigenous Inter-Band Games.


36 Kenosi,
PO BOX 367
Wemotaci (Qc) G0X 3R0

T : 819-666-2323 - 819-666-2237
F : 819-666-2512